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Mastering Maximalist Jewellery: How to Style Like a Pro

Mastering Maximalist Jewellery: How to Style Like a Pro

What is Maximalist Jewellery?

 Maximalist Jewellery is characterised by the principle of excess. More colour, more layers, and more geometric shapes. Maximalist Jewellery focuses on big, bold, expressive pieces making an unmissable style statement. Together we will explore the rising popularity of maximalism and how to style maximalist jewellery pieces for every day wear. Extravagance is not something to be afraid of!


Is Maximalist Jewellery Trending?

Autumn/winter 2023 runways saw the departure of minimalist jewellery styles, instead models were injected with colour, chunky cuffs and huge pendant necklaces. The natural trickle-down affect has influenced us to wear similar maximalist jewellery pieces. 

Fashionistas with lots of personality often inject maximalist jewellery pieces into their wardrobes as a form of self expression, displaying bright and chunky pieces to catch attention. 



How to Build a Maximalist Jewellery Collection

The basis of a maximalist jewellery collection should start with a chunky metal chain necklace. Try our Naya Chunky Chain as a show stopping piece that screams maximalist. If you are just getting started with building a maximalist collection and would feel more comfortable with thinner chain, our Chunky Herringbone Snake necklace is a lovely alternative that still packs a punch. 


It’s no secret that 2024 has also cemented the love for statement earrings. Celebrities often use statement earrings as the focal point of their look. 


Our favourite style influencer Hailey Beiber used statement earrings to coin the TikTok asethic “model off-duty” which can only be a testament to how glamorous a good pair of earrings can make you look.The contrast between minimalist outfits and maximalist jewellery creates a well-balanced and visually striking ensemble. 


PRYA’s top pick for statement earrings would be the celebrity-loved Ella Drop earrings. Drop Earrings have withstood the fragile trend cycle and are here to stay. 


Alexis Earrings and Maeve Dome Earrings provide the same maxi vibe that we are obsessed with. 


Maximalist Rings 

Scientists say that hands can tell you a lot about a person. We agree! Bold, chunky rings exude confidence and are a way of making a statement without opening your mouth. 


Accessorise with our Nia dome ring  and stack with colourful gemstones to showcase your fun personality. Elsie Rainbow Ring is the perfect combination of cute and sophisticated. 


Maximalist Jewellery on a Budget 

Keeping up with fleeting trends can be very expensive. Although we don’t think maximalist jewellery is necessarily 'fleeting’, we understand that you may not want to break the bank. 


Maximalist jewellery also allows for layering pieces that you already own. When worn alone these jewellery pieces may not be considered ‘maximalist’, but when paired together they can create a stunning statement. 


There isn’t much room for error as maximalism has no time for the perfectionist. The bolder, brighter - and essentially messier the look, the better! 


Influencers who have mastered maximalism

Just incase you are stuck for style inspiration, we’ve short-listed some of our favourite girls who we think have really mastered the maximalist aesthetic. 




  • Stephanie Holland - @gieosroom isn't afraid to create bold ring stacks. 


The maximalist jewellery trend has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Maximalism has badly stepped into the spotlight, bidding farewell to the era of minimalist styles. Remember that more is more and there’s no such thing as too much glamour. 

Celebrate more passion, energy and confidence with us at PRYA. Check out our range of statement pieces here. 

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