At this year’s Democratic National Convention in the USA, Michelle Obama,  former First Lady of the United States, made a statement with a personalised necklace. Obama recently gave a speech online for the DNC while sporting a necklace with the words VOTE suspended on it. This blew up on social media for obvious reasons, it’s a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

Michelle Obama’s Necklace

The necklace Obama wore, also called the Vote necklace was a gold, thin chained necklace with spaced letters, spelling out VOTE. The piece was custom made on request by Obama’s stylist. 

Buy a Personalised Necklace

Here at PRYA, we work hard on the jewellery we produce and want to ensure our customers only get quality products. 

personalised Necklace box


We offer a wide range of personalised necklaces in a huge range of styles. They are designed and crafted here in England by our amazing team and we are happy to provide unique designs for our customers. We specialise in personalised jewellery, with name necklaces being our customers’ favourite piece of jewellery to add to their collection. 

Ordering personalised or custom jewellery items from PRYA is really simple. Just navigate to our personalised collection page and choose the item you would like to purchase. Once you are on the product page for the item you would like, you can select the options for colour and length. There will be a custom text field for you to add the desired customisation. Once you are happy with your options, click the "Add To Cart" button and proceed to checkout. 

Our Favourite Personalised Necklaces

Our old English Suspended letter necklace has the individual spacing the VOTE necklace features, but is in one of our favourite lettering styles. Plus each letter dangles from the chair creating a bigger statement overall. 

Our beautiful Arabic Custom Name Necklace has a Middle-Eastern charm that will make any outfit stand out. You can enter any name and we’ll translate it into Arabic for you.

Lastly, we have our classic Birth Year necklace in our punchy Action font. Whether you’re a nineties or a noughties girl, we’ve got you covered in 18K gold or silver plated finery. 

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