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Love Island's Molly Smith's Viral Arabic Name Necklace

Love Island's Molly Smith's Viral Arabic Name Necklace

Love Island All stars: Love Island's new format, which many consider to be the best yet. Aside from dating, Love Island is known for its lavish display of fashion and jewellery worn by the Islanders. This season one piece is turning heads more than any contestant: Molly Smith's viral Arabic Name Necklace from PRYA.

Molly’s PRYA necklace, called the Custom Arabic Name Necklace, is from PRYA and features a classic gold link chain with Arabic calligraphy, spelling ‘Nelly’ after her dog, a Pomeranian she used to share with her Love Island ex. 

The Series 6 Love Islander has caused something of a stampede among LI fans, with searches of ‘arabic name necklaces’ increasing by 64% and attracting an insane amount of press coverage.

personalised arabic name necklace worn by Molly smith love island

How to Personalise Your Arabic Name Necklace

If like us, you have seen Molly's PRYA necklace and now are ready to customise your own, here's how.

Inspired by the stunning  script style of Arabic calligraphy, our Arabic Name Necklace is a stunningly designed, personalised necklace that can be customised to your exact liking. All of our Arabic Name Necklaces can be crafted in either gold or silver stainless steel and suspended between the chain style of your choice. Whatever your chosen name or word, we will create it in an Arabic writing style and craft it into a beautiful solid metal pendant

The words on your Arabic Necklace will be slimline, with the width determined by the number of characters, and the pendant will sit flush against the chest. The end characters of the name will have two small hoops attached to the edge. These are there to secure the pendant to your chain.

With PRYA's Arabic Name Necklace, not only can you select your choice of chain, but we also offer several different chain lengths so you can find exactly what you are looking for. The chain is attached with a classic trigger clasp at the back, making it incredibly easy to put on and take off. 

If you wish to receive a specific translation on your personalised necklace, simply enter your name in Arabic in the input box to order. However, if you do not know the translation, you may enter your chosen name in English and we will translate it into Arabic for you.
Molly Smith Necklace


Arabic Name Necklaces transcend the current trend cycle and are considered timeless.

Personalised name necklaces are highly customisable allowing us to appreciate the sentimental value. Their classic and simple design also makes name necklaces perfect versatile piece which can be worn for any occasion, only adding to their significance in the world of fashion. 

For more personalised name necklaces, view our range.



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