There are many ways to wear rings on multiple fingers and today we thought we'd show you our favourite ways. Stacked and multi-ring looks are big at the moment and it doesn't look like the trend is going anywhere. The ultimate rule is to wear what you love and if you like your rings that's all that matters.


Different ways to wear rings on multiple fingers

There are many different ways to wear a selection of rings. Below are some of the most common looks but we've also included some lesser worn styles.

Classic Trio Triangle

The classic triangle trio is based on the three middle digits, with your middle finger the main focal point of the triangle. There are two ways to wear it, either:

  • Simple styles with the middle finger ring higher up then the two outside fingers. The middle finger ring can be placed above the second knuckle, while the other two can rest at the bottom of the finger.
  • A statement piece on the middle finger that extends up the finger. This is great is you don't feel comfortable wearing a ring above the second knuckle. The other two rings should be plainer in style, while the statement ring should be long enough to reach the second knuckle or be raised quite high to be the showstopper.


How to wear rings on multiple fingers - Trio of rings


Reverse Triangle

As with the classic triangle, the reverse triangle balances three rings together. The only difference is that the two outside rings should both sit above the second knuckle. The middle find should sit at the base of the finger. All the rings should be simple in style in this position but not all plain bands as this will be too simple.

All in a line

Simple and understated, wear five rings all in a row. This works well if they are all of a similar style and compliment each other. Mix solid bands with textured and at least one stone ring to give enough diversity but still wear the same coloured metal to keep it stylish.

Full Hands

If rings are your thing then why not go double lined and double-handed. For some styles, a full hand of rings, both lower and upper parts of the finger, can be super maximalist. We love displaying our jewellery collection, so why not show it off. This way you don't have to choose your favourites, you can wear them all! If this look is for you, we don't think there are any rules to apply here. Mix and match and find what works for you.


How to wear rings on multiple fingers - Single Stack of rings


Single Finger Stack

Though we are talking about how to wear rings on multiple fingers, you can stack multiple rings on just the one finger. If you have a collection of complementary rings why not stack them on a single finger. It makes a bold statement and can really show off a specific set. We stack necklaces all the time so why not rings.

One Colour palette options

If you are looking to wear many rings, in general, we'd say stick to the same coloured metal. By choosing a gold ring or silver ring set, you'll keep your look consistent. Think about what other colours are featured such as gems as well as the metals. You can use the palette to choose your outfit or vis versa.


One key thing to remember when wearing rings on multiple fingers is the balance. If you are only wearing a few rings on one hand then you probably don't need to add more to your other hand. If however, you have one hand full of rings and the other completely blank, it will look unbalanced.

Hold both your hands out in front of you and try to balance the look. It's not just about the number of items but also the weight and thickness of them. Also, consider any other jewellery such as watches or bracelets. If you have something on one wrist you may want to have less on that hand and more on the opposite hand.

Shop rings for a multi finger look

Above is our advice on how to wear rings on multiple fingers but as always it's really all about your style. Whatever you like the look of is the right style for you. Shop our full collection of rings here and if you are not sure what ring size you are, we have a handy guide on how to measure your ring size at home.


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